Sound healing

...the sound will be a cure of the future.

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Sound healing

The whole universe, our bodies, everything around us strive for higher-order – harmony. Like musical instruments can fall out of tune through use – our bodies can fall out of their vibrational harmony. As a result, this leads to the development of physical ailments and diseases.

Everything around us is energy (including our bodies) and this energy vibrates constantly. Because sound is also vibration, sound therapy can be very potent to re-tune us to harmony, to health.

Tibetan bowls

One of the most powerful instruments used to re-tuned our bodies are Tibetan bowls. Handcrafted from 7 metals in a traditional and mysterious way, they have the magic to show the qualified therapist which areas of the body need special attention to work with.

It’s also said that Tibetan bowls and gongs have their own intelligence, thus these instruments are very effective to re-tune our bodies to balance and health.

Sound therapy and cancer

According to well-known oncologist, Mitchell Gaynor, M.D., sound is vibration and this vibration affects every part of our body. This means that sound is heard by every cell of our body, not only by our ears!

Many research have been carried out on the effect of the sound of Tibetan bowls and gong on cancer cells. These studies clearly show that the sound of Tibetan bowls and gong disrupts the neoplastic cell after the appropriate number and frequency of strikes.

Sound massage and sound bath

There are two types of sound healing sessions. The sound bath is a type of group sound therapy, often combined with guided meditation. It releases stress and has a most relaxing effect on your body and mind.

The sound massage is the individual sound healing session – it is definitely more powerful in terms of healing your body on each level (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and energetic). During the sound massage, you are surrounded by the sound and can literally feel the vibration of Tibetan bowls and gong inside your body.