Sound bath

Let there be sound! Sacred vibrations group session.

Awoken Mind Tibetan Bowls

Sound healing

23rd April 2022 from 6pm to 8pm
St John’s Centre, 64 Larcom St, London SE17 1NQ

The main role will be played by high-vibration instruments: Tibetan bowls, gong, tingsha, Solfeggio tuning forks.

You will receive two gifts with extra powers

Sound bath is a celebration where we summon the inner sacred space within us. It is a journey through spiritual dimensions, where accompanied by sacred sounds, we will explore and connect to our essence, our true self. Through the sacred sounds and meditation, we will access the wisdom of our hearts, heal our bodies, and envision our dreams. We will connect with the higher energy and travel through the dimensions where all things become possible.

The ceremony is a 90-minute long experience of lying down meditation combined with sacred sounds. Before the ceremony, we will reflect upon the things we are grateful for and our dreams. We will write down our dreams on a piece of paper and offer it to the sacred sounds and vibrations so they can manifest fulfillment. After the ceremony, we will burn the pieces of paper and bury them in the ground. We will create energy that will flow through our intentions. This celebration is not just meditation or a sound bath. It creates real changes in life.

During the ceremony, we will use aromatherapy which will help in the relaxation process. The essential oils will help us reach our inner sacred space within us where everything is possible. We will anchor our journey in the space of the heart, breathing in and out the most beautiful and amazing energy in the whole Universe – love.

During this session, you will have the opportunity to deeply experience the sacred vibrations within your body – we will place the heart Tibetan bowl (the biggest we have) on your chest. After this experience, you will understand where the name “sacred vibrations group session” comes from. You will also be introduced to the healing powers of Solfeggio tuning forks.

During the ceremony, we will be structuring water, inviting the healing powers of vibrations. We will give you a very special gift – a glass bottle of special water with a little surprise inside, so you can enjoy this special process of healing in full.

After the ceremony, each member will be given a special protective string bangle. Because sacred vibrations usually start many different processes on the physical and energetical level, it is good to keep this string bangle on the wrist for some time. It invites real miracles into the life of a person wearing it.

To book your place and be able to take part in this ceremony, please make the transfer of £20 to the account number provided below with the reference “Your name sound bath 23”.
Izabela Strzelecka
Sort code: 20-70-15
Account: 50138266
Reference: Your name sound bath 23
You can also pay by PayPal making your transfer payable to (reference “Your name sound bath 23”).

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at or call us at 07432509704

If you feel that this special ceremony is for you, you want to take part in it very much and it would change a lot in your life but you can’t afford it – don’t worry. Please send us an email at where you explain what you can give/do for us in return for the free entry. We tend to exchange energy rather than give it away for free and for sure we can figure something out.

Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket with you.

We can’t wait to see you there.

Join us and stay awoken!

Price: £20

Please bring yoga mat and blanket with you.

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