Session 4

Meditation of Love

Meditation of Love

In today’s sound bath session with guided meditation, we will focus on our heart, this beautiful, sacred place filled with love. Love is our natural state. We are love and love is us. Love always knows how to express itself, we just need to become aware and listen. Love is the river of life in us. Let’s immerse ourselves in the sacred space of our loving heart.

Let's go inside! ❤️

The best experience you will have in headphones 🎧

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I don’t have a medical background and I don’ give any medical advice. If you feel depressed, overwhelmed or anxious please contact your GP. This session is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice. If you suffer from epilepsy, any other illness triggered by sound, or you are in the first trimester of pregnancy this session isn’t recommended for you.