Session 12

Awakening your Light.

There is a Light shining inside you. Very pure and bright Light, coming from the Source of everything, where there’s no beginning and no end. This Light is a Divine Force and thanks to it you are a very powerful being, united with the whole Universe. It is a sacred Force. You’re one with this Force and this Force is with you, always. Feel it. There are other forces in the world interfering with your Light, but your Light is stronger and always brighter. No matter what other people have told you, your Light is stronger because you are a Divine Being. Your Light is eternal and it exists in all timelines, dimensions and spaces. This Light is a spark of the Life itself, it is a pure Love. Just feel this Light, this Force and from now on always remember that it is within you. Feel how strong and beautiful is your Light. This Light belongs to you.

Let's go inside! ❤️

The best experience you will have in headphones 🎧

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I don’t have a medical background and I don’ give any medical advice. If you feel depressed, overwhelmed or anxious please contact your GP. This session is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice. If you suffer from epilepsy, any other illness triggered by sound, or you are in the first trimester of pregnancy this session isn’t recommended for you.