Inner child

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Awoken Mind Abstract
Parent, adult and child

According to the assumptions of psychology, the personality of adults consists of a parent, an adult and a child. The parent constantly admonishes us, praises us and reprimands us. An adult is the one who takes care of children, goes to work and pays the bills. On the other hand, a child (in psychology is referred as the “inner child”) concerns this area of our personality, which is interesting and creative, and is responsible for feelings and emotions.

Research shows that almost 90% of our adult life is formed already in childhood, having a huge impact on the decisions we make, choices and relationships with other people in adulthood. Many times, for this reason, we fall into depression because we cope poorly with difficult situations.

The inner child disorders concern especially those who did not feel important and loved in their childhood. This applies in particular to adult children of alcoholics (ACA), children from homes where there was mental abuse, emotional indifference or strict rules.

The limitations of the family home and the sense of lack from childhood, in adulthood make us look for something, we are guided by inappropriate patterns deeply rooted in the subconscious mind, from which we cannot get out and we keep making the same mistakes.

Who is the inner child?

The inner child is one of the most essential elements of a person’s personality. It results from experiences acquired during the first years of life. It is conditioned by experiences (both good and bad) with relatives – mainly with parents. The inner child is carried by every adult. It embodies childhood qualities such as curiosity, spontaneity and joy.

From a psychological point of view, the range of early childhood experiences contributes to the rise of beliefs and patterns of behaviour that can guide us throughout our lives. This applies in particular to all prohibitions, orders, punishments, rewards, feeling regret, fear, sadness, loneliness, but also fun and joy. Unfortunately, the mechanisms developed in childhood are not adequate for the life of an adult. Due to the fact that they were recorded in the subconscious mind, in the so-called automatic memory, we consciously do not have access to them, but they rule us.

How to heal inner child?

The inner child can be healed by working with the subconscious mind within the areas that concern this child. A very good technique is to correct what we have received wrong and bad, and to give what we have not received and which is needed in adulthood for growth and development.

Working with the inner child improves the quality of life in various areas. This is done thanks to the equalization on the emotional level of the deficits carried by the inner child. This can be done individually with a qualified hypnotherapist.

Working with inner child

Our inner child is often filled with distress, despair and pain, so working with it is not always easy and pleasant. Despite the efforts, it is worth undertaking work with the inner child, because it increases our chances of a satisfying professional or personal life. Moreover, the improvement in the functioning of the inner child contributes to the improvement of our health, and the symptoms of chronic diseases very often disappear after such work.