Healing circle

...28 days of healing journey!

Awoken Mind Blue

Why we do it?

The Healing circle was created out of the need of people seeking healing in various aspects of their lives. The ultimate power of high-vibration instruments combined with healing meditation are now even more enhanced by the energy of the group – the group of people with a beautiful common purpose – to heal your own life! ❤️

Unlimited power to heal

The group forms a circle with an unlimited power to heal. Working within the space of our hearts, with pure and beautiful healing intentions will allow love to heal chosen by you aspect of your life.

Healing can apply not only to the present (e.g. illness you are currently struggling with, financial situation or toxic relationship), but also to the past (e.g. childhood trauma, betrayal) as well as the future (e.g. fears and negative projections about a specific event in the future, such as the death of a loved one).

New habits

The work of the Healing Circle is not limited to just 4 weekly gatherings. The Healing Circle is a 28-day process. Every day we will meet online in the evening to meditate and let the healing energy accompany us all the time. This amazing time is an opportunity to develop new valuable habits, using the gifts that you will receive during the first gathering.

Vibrational-information medicine

To further support the healing process, your body will also receive support in the form of specific healing frequencies that can be directly read by your cells. It is called vibrational-information medicine.

More information soon!

We are still working on the program to give you the best opportunity to heal we can. Leave your name and email address and we will send you all the details soon.

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