9 April 2020

Let's go inside! ❤️

Today we will focus on gratitude. Gratitude is an emotion that can literally change the world for us. Thanks to the gratitude we become open and happier. Practising gratitude is not about colouring the world around us with an artificial happiness, eternal smile and it is not about rejecting negative emotions and situations that are part of our lives. Gratitude is an emotion of being connected and it reminds us that we all are part of a larger concept, of the universe. Gratitude on a deep level is about admitting that there are things for which we can be grateful despite the hard experience. See how many things – seemingly negative – that have happened in our lives are also things that later enabled us to achieve something great. Something that we once considered a disaster, helped us later change our lives for the better. Gratitude helps us manage our negative emotions by relieving the stress of pain related to our suffering.

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