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Awoken Mind water

Let there be sound! Sacred vibrations group session.

sound bath

23rd April 2022 from 6pm to 8pm

St John’s Centre, 64 Larcom St, London SE17 1NQ

The main role will be played by high-vibration instruments: Tibetan bowls, gong, tingsha, Solfeggio tuning forks.

You will receive two gifts with extra powers

Sound bath is a celebration where we summon the inner sacred space within us. It is a journey through spiritual dimensions, where accompanied by sacred sounds, we will explore and connect to our essence, our true self. Through the sacred sounds and meditation, we will access the wisdom of our hearts, heal our bodies, and envision our dreams. We will connect with the higher energy and travel through the dimensions where all things become possible.

The ceremony is a 90-minute long experience of lying down meditation combined with sacred sounds. Before the ceremony, we will reflect upon the things we are grateful for and our dreams. We will write down our dreams on a piece of paper and offer it to the sacred sounds and vibrations so they can manifest fulfillment. After the ceremony, we will burn the pieces of paper and bury them in the ground. We will create energy that will flow through our intentions. This celebration is not just meditation or a sound bath. It creates real changes in life.

During the ceremony, we will use aromatherapy which will help in the relaxation process. The essential oils will help us reach our inner sacred space within us where everything is possible. We will anchor our journey in the space of the heart, breathing in and out the most beautiful and amazing energy in the whole Universe – love.

During this session, you will have the opportunity to deeply experience the sacred vibrations within your body – we will place the heart Tibetan bowl (the biggest we have) on your chest. After this experience, you will understand where the name “sacred vibrations group session” comes from. You will also be introduced to the healing powers of Solfeggio tuning forks.

During the ceremony, we will be structuring water, inviting the healing powers of vibrations. We will give you a very special gift – a glass bottle of special water with a little surprise inside, so you can enjoy this special process of healing in full.

After the ceremony, each member will be given a special protective string bangle. Because sacred vibrations usually start many different processes on the physical and energetical level, it is good to keep this string bangle on the wrist for some time. It invites real miracles into the life of a person wearing it.

To book your place and be able to take part in this ceremony, please make the transfer of £20 to the account number provided below with the reference “Your name sound bath 23”.
Izabela Strzelecka
Sort code: 20-70-15
Account: 50138266
Reference: Your name sound bath 23
You can also pay by PayPal making your transfer payable to i.m.strzelecka@gmail.com (reference “Your name sound bath 23”).

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at info@awokenmind.space or call us at 07432509704

If you feel that this special ceremony is for you, you want to take part in it very much and it would change a lot in your life but you can’t afford it – don’t worry. Please send us an email at info@awokenmind.space where you explain what you can give/do for us in return for the free entry. We tend to exchange energy rather than give it away for free and for sure we can figure something out.

Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket with you.

We can’t wait to see you there.

Join us and stay awoken!

Price: £20

Please bring yoga mat and blanket with you.

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Awoken Mind water

Liver cleansing

19.04 - 01.05.2022 (signing up until 4th April 2022)

10.05 - 22.05.2022 (signing up until 25th April 2022)

17.05 - 29.05.2022 (signing up until 1st May 2022)

The number of places is limited!

If you want to cleanse the liver but none of the dates provided is suitable for you – please, contact me – we will arrange the date individually, based on your calendar, the Moon calendar and the aura around you! 🙂

Due to the limited availability of herbal remedies necessary for liver cleansing in the UK, please contact me up to two weeks before the start of your liver cleansing process – to be sure all herbal remedies will be provided to you on time.


Why should we cleanse the liver?

Cleansing the liver bile ducts is the most powerful fully home procedure that you can do to strengthen your entire body and improve your health and wellbeing.

There are a few varieties of gallstones – most of them have cholesterol crystals inside. The gallstones can be green, red, black, white or tanned coloured. At the centre of each gallstone is a clump of bacteria. According to scientists, this would suggest that a small part of a dead parasite could have started the gallstone to form.

When the gallstones clog the bile ducts (biliary tubing), a much less amount of cholesterol leaves the body. As a result, the cholesterol level in the body is high. Porous gallstones may also pick up all the viruses, parasites and bacterial cysts that are passing through the liver. This is the way how the ”nests” of infection are formed, supplying the body with fresh pathogens and toxins. This is likely the root cause of any type of liver dysfunction.

It is not related to the liver itself. It affects the whole body as the pathogens and toxins can be transported with the blood anywhere. Moreover, intestinal bloating and stomach infections (e.g. ulcers) cannot be permanently cured without clearing away the gallstones from the liver.

Liver cleansing of gallstones significantly increases energy level and improves digestion, which is extremely important for the whole body’s health. Moreover, the allergies may disappear more with each liver cleansing. Amazingly, the process may also eliminate shoulder, upper back and upper arm pain. Also, it improves endocrine system (including thyroid), hair, nail and skin condition, immunity and the functioning of all our organs.


First cleansing: £180

Each subsequent cleansing: £120

Herbs and supplements cleansing set: £80

What will you get with the package?

  • a set of herbs and supplements for the best support and preparation of your liver to be cleansed;
  • full guidance on how to do the cleansing safely in your home;
  • a detailed plan for each day (including dietary recommendations with recipes, taking supplements and herbs, treatments to perform at home, e.g. enemas);
  • tips on how to deal with emotions while cleansing your liver;
  • full support of naturotherapeutic practitioner (unlimited & direct contact);
  • initial consultation (including a detailed interview regarding the current health condition);
  • follow up consultation (recommendations to support the liver and the entire body after cleansing);
  • 50% discount on Awoken Mind therapies.


The liver cleansing process will be discussed in detail during the initial consultation or additional online meeting or during a liver cleansing webinar.

If you have any questions or doubts during cleansing – please, do not hesitate to contact me. If I don’t answer the phone, please leave a text message.

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