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Cleansing of energy

We clean our physical bodies every single day, sometimes even a couple times a day. The same we do with our homes and offices – we clean it quite regularly as we like staying in tidy places. unfortunatelly, almost no one cleanses the energetic body and the energetic space to work and live.

Have you ever wondered what happens if you do not cleanse your space or body on an energetic level?

Mess on the energetic level of the body and of the places has a significant impact on us. We are not able to feel good and healthy and reach our full potential being surrounded by that kind of circumstances.

Energy cleansing of places

There are places where we do not feel good and comfortable, and we don’t even know why. All we can feel and say about these places is that there is a bad atmosphere and very heavy vibes.

The walls and every single object present in the room can remember all arguments and bad emotions (e.g. being down, overwhelmed, angry, sad or anxious). Very often it is not even our energy but the energy of people previously being in that place (previous owners, employers, guests or tenants).

Also, some places can be cursed or can be a space, ‘a home’ for some energetic entities which feed on negative emotions, bad energy. This is the reason why the hygiene of the energy in places we are working, and living is so crucial. Professional energy cleansing will remove these obstructions.

Curses and energetic entities

Sometimes we notice that we simply have no luck or even have bad luck, people we meet are not nice to us, most of the situations we face in life are unpleasant and hard, we are late for work, etc. Deeply inside we don’t feel ourselves anymore, that there are things in us that don’t belong to us, that something has changed.

Just like places can be cursed and some energetic entities can reside there – the same is with our energetic body. A person who doesn’t like us may wish us badly or simply curse us. It doesn’t even have to be someone who we know personally. It may be a passer-by on the street whom we accidentally got in the way.

Also, having temporarily a worse energetic condition, when we visit places or meet people with bad energy entities attached to them – these entities may make their way to us. We are the most sensitive and ‘open’ to bad and low-energy entities while being after consuming alcohol or drugs.

Energy cleansing of the body and places

To create an environment where we feel good, happy and healthy, where we can prosper and reach our full potential, we need to take care of the energy cleansing of our body and the places where we live or work.

By cleansing the energy of our body, home or the place to work, we invite forces of prosperity, luck, health, well-being and love.

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