Boosting immunity

30 March 2020

Let's go inside! ❤️

We are going through a very difficult time right now. There is a lot of stress, fear, anxiety and panic around and it doesn’t help our immune system. Telling the truth it’s weakening our immune system. When you are stressed, when you feel fear, anxiety or panic, as a response the stress hormones are being released to your body switching on the fight or flight process. The stress hormones shut off all the functions that will not be needed in fight or flight. Unfortunately, our immune system is one of them. This is the reason we all need to keep calm and transform our negative emotions into something good. And here is the perfect place for sound bath sessions with guided meditations. We are living in times when we can explain the wisdom of our ancestors by applying modern knowledge. So we can scientifically prove that meditation is boosting our immune system. Well, in fact, it does a lot more. In the same, scientific way, we can explain the massive impact the sound has on our body and mind. Sound is vibration and this vibration penetrates the body at the cellular level and stimulates the body’s self-healing processes.

The best experience you will have in headphones

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