Binaural beats

...extraordinary characteristic of our brain!

Awoken Mind Binaural Beats

A very specific sound phenomenon

At the beginning of sound massage (individual sound healing session), after a few deep breaths, you will experience the relaxing effect of binaural beats.

Binaural beats are a very specific sound phenomenon which is based on the functioning of the brain. The effect of binaural beats is reached by putting on ears headphones with two very similar sounds (the difference in frequencies cannot be higher than 30 Hz).

The brain is trying to combine these two sounds and thus “generates” the impression of a third sound. This impression, the binaural beats, are the differences between two input sounds and are heard as a subtle, rhythmic beating flow.

Thanks to its pulsating nature, this phenomenon is increasingly used in various therapies in order to achieve the desired state of the brain.

During the beginning of the individual sound therapy, binaural beats (properly adjusted frequencies) will help your brain switch the frequency from the attention state to the deep relaxation state. For some people it works immediately, while for others it takes a bit longer.

Influencing the functioning of the brain with sound

Binaural beats synchronize the work of the cerebral hemispheres and they also affect the change of brain waves, i.e. the level of brain activity, by stimulating and reducing the activity of the central nervous system. The functional currents of the cerebral cortex of a person exposed to binaural beats adapt to the frequency of these beats. With the help of binaural beats, we can synchronize the work of the hemispheres of our brain, and we are also able to adjust the functioning of our brains to the desired state.

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