Aura cleansing

...manifestation of the vital forces of the human body!

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According to Eastern philosophy, aura is the manifestation of the vital forces of the human body. It is a variable bioenergy field that surrounds every human being. It consists of human electromagnetic, magnetic and electrical forces. Aura, as a human energy field, is the result of all interactions on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Aura is a reflection of the current state of health and spiritual development. It expresses the previous experience as well as the particular person’s potential and possibilities.

The characteristic of the aura depends on the work of the chakras – the main centres for the processing of vital energy, associated with the main endocrine glands and nerve plexuses.

Types of aura

There are three basic layers in the structure of the aura: 

  • Etheric aura is a light or dark border around the body. It is 1 to 3 centimetres thick. The etheric aura is a reflection of the body’s vitality.
  • Astral aura is bright, usually symmetrical, at a quite equal distance from the body from 5 cm to 20 cm (in some people even up to 15 meters). The astral aura is a manifestation of emotional life and feelings.
  • Mental aura is bright, quite foggy, without a clear outer outline, it manifests itself at a distance of about 10 cm to 10 meters from the body (in some people even up to about 40 meters). The mental aura is a manifestation of mental activity and elements of spiritual life.

Colours of aura

In healthy people, aura takes the colour of a rainbow. These colours are then mostly luminous and, depending on the level of mind, they can be blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, or red.

  • Red colour of the aura indicates strong emotions, it is also a sign of life changes.
  • Orange colour of the aura reveals courage, joy and sociability.
  • Yellow colour of the aura shows intelligence and unlimited mental abilities.
  • Green colour of the aura signifies a gentle and calm personification.
  • Purple colour of the aura means independence, intuition and very developed imagination.
  • Blue colour of the aura indicates telepathic abilities.
Shape of aura

Aura in a healthy person has an elliptical shape and extends on each side a distance of 2.5-3 meters. If, on the other hand, the aura is refracted, concave, and its colours are dark and opaque, for example, with visible spots, this may point to energy disturbances indicating the beginning or advancement of the disease.

Aura and emotions

Aura is highly dependent on a person’s mood and can change dramatically, for example when a person becomes severely angry or scared. Illustratively, the aura is like a colourful envelope around the body. If it is full and evenly saturated with colours, it expresses a balanced and healthy person. On the other hand, when there are disturbances in the image of the aura, it proves energy blockages and disharmony.

Our thoughts and emotions are hidden in aura. Negative feelings, such as hatred, jealousy, anger, and disgust, are visible in dark colours. On the other hand, the lack of any aura colour signals nagging problems. For example, the lack of yellow indicates depressed mood, the lack of red indicates a decline in vitality and ischemic problems, and the absence of green indicates imbalance. The colours closest to the body reveal what we’re involved in.