We help people connect to the true wisdom of their hearts, stay open, honestly understand and accept what is happening around!

Awoken Mind Water

What does it mean to be awoken ?

When your mind is awoken you live your life in a more conscious way, you experience much more happiness, fulfilment, love, joy, peace, and health. Becoming awoken is about connecting to the true wisdom of your heart, staying open, honestly understanding and accepting what is happening around you. It helps to get by difficult situations that potentially everyone encounters in life.

Everyone has the potential to become awoken. You can achieve it faster than you think but it is a journey. The main thing that you can do to help yourself on this journey is to stay open to what your higher self says to you. You need to make space for the voice that doesn’t use words and you need to listen to it. And, of course, you have to trust yourself, as you know more than you think you do.

To stay awoken, your mind, body, and spirit should be in balance. You can reach this balance in endless ways, through meditations, prayers, sound healing, contact with nature, cleansing your physical and energetic body, changing the way you eat and live, natural therapies, working with your conscious and unconscious mind, to name a few.

If you are on the journey to become awoken or you lost your way – join us.

Stay awoken!
Together we can change the world!

Our bodies, similar to musical instruments, can fall out of tune in everyday life. They can lose their tune and vibrational harmony which leads very often to the development of diseases. One of the most powerful tools to re-tune us to health is sound therapy. Through the sacred sounds produced by high-vibration instruments, the body and mind are aligned back to the perfect state of health and wellbeing. We use Tibetan bowls, gong, solfeggio tones (tuning forks), binaural beats, and more.

Any physical ailment always arises first on the energetic level of the body. To ensure the proper functioning of the physical body, we should first take care of the energetic one. Energy medicine includes energy treatments that eliminate energy blockages, enable free and harmonious energy flow in the body, and alignment of energy levels by balancing all the energy excesses and deficiencies.

Nowadays, our bodies are overloaded with an excess of stress and toxins supplied every single day mainly with a lifestyle, water, air, food, cosmetics, and chemicals. Accumulated stress and toxins (including pathogens like viruses, harmful bacteria, fungi, and mould) are one of the main causes of chronic ailments and disease. Natural therapies relieve your body of toxic matter and physical tensions occurred as a result of accumulated stress. Thus, they improve the functioning of internal organs, relieve inflammation, mobilize the immune system and even help in the release of blocked emotions.

Meditation is a very powerful tool to calm the mind, centre the body and find balance. You can do it yourself – sitting alone in silence or performing daily activities such as washing dishes, cooking dinner, walking, or cleaning. Guided meditations very often help us go through difficult moments in our life (including traumas) and deal with problems, addictions, fears, and phobias. Hypnotherapy and the ‘inner child’ meditation are especially potent – they effectively change our subconsciousness for the better, making our life easier.

The decision to buy a product or service should be made in a conscious manner, but above all, it should be free from any manipulation and pressure. Conscious marketing means looking beyond the product or service. It emphasizes the real value of products and services that are brought into the life of the customer.